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Is Technology Making You Lose Sleep?

Why does that Nintendo stay up as long as you do?

Whack_Yahoo_MessengerInsomnia is sometimes linked to using technology, since new developments each year are trapping the minds of millions around the world. Technology is in constant movement, thus each year new games are designed, new computers are built, and new media sources are escalating to more entertaining markings. The majority of people in society struggle to escape reality by adhering to games, unhealthy movies and music, and other technological advances.

During recent studies of my own I noticed that the majority of the children in my town alone are captured and trapped by Nintendo, PlayStation1 and 2, Game Boy and various other games. I watched as many parents in the town permit their children to stay up all hours of the night playing these games. Each day I am surrounded by children that complain about lose of sleep, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, voices, fear, and various other symptoms. Few of these children suffer bipolar, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, and various other disorders, including far complexes and dangerous disorders, yet rarely do I see these children get help unless the law is involved. Now, technology developers fail to take part of the blame, but in fact, these people are partially responsible for affecting millions of lives each day.

Insomnia never stands alone. Usually there is a mental disorder or medical cause. Few times, there are events that occur that causes a person to suffer insomnia. Few examples include, death in a family, birth in the family, changes in environment, changes in careers, et cetera. For the most part, the symptoms are short lived providing the person is capable of restoring their lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyles can also cause insomnia and increase a person’s ability to function properly during day hours. Hormonal and nervous conditions can often cause insomnia to develop as well.

If you or your child is, suffering insomnia linked to technology it is time to make changes in your lifestyle to adapt to a healthier living. Learn to practice healthy entertainment strategies by reducing the hours of game play, television, and computer time. If you are, accustom to playing long hours you may want to cut back gradually until you reach a justifiable time to enjoy entertainment. Many children today pressure their parents to buy the latest games, which later causes insomnia, since the child spends hours playing the game with the goal to win. Thus, let your child you do not plan to buy new games until the old games are worn out and won over time and not in a single night. Let your child know that fads are short lived and once the game becomes available in time it will be cheaper, since newer games are underway. The concept is to promote stability while reducing radical fad intakes. Fads are a mere state of mind thus someone starts and millions finish. Fads can become harmful, since few people have literally killed to get what they wanted.

If you and your family spend hours watching hip hop music videos your new Big Screen TV learn to spend more time outdoors or visiting friends. Social gatherings and outdoor activities promote healthier lifestyles, while spending hours in front of the television promotes medical problems and mental ailments.

What type of music does your child listen to when he or she is readying for bed? If you child is listening to heavy metal or hard rap music before bedtime, most likely your child will have difficulty falling to sleep. Learn to encourage your child to listen to good sounding music that soothes the mind, rather than enticing the mind to act out inappropriately to common behaviors.

What does your child do when he is out of school? Does your child gather with friends that spend hours with technology, or does your child gather with friends that are living harmful lifestyles?

Insomnia and its underlying sources are leading many children to drugs, alcohol and street gangs. Thus, knowing where your children are at all times can help you gain back control of your life and help your child learn to gain the control he or she needs in the child’s life to cope with stress and fight insomnia.