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What Is The Best Battery Cell For Power Tool Batteries?

Replacement or Generic battery is a battery pack without the expensive presentation. Also, it does not have a manufacturer’s warranty or probably have a shorter duration unlike genuine BD cordless drill batteries which usually has a 3 year unlimited guarantee. You can also get them in improved variation, maybe twice as large and last two times as much. Or something that uses a different kind of battery cell like Li-Ion which can hold more charge than NiCad with the same size of battery cell.

Li-Ion is an excellent kind of battery cell, it can store up to six times a NiCad can hold with same volume of battery cell. If you are going to make a Li-Ion battery with the same standards as the NiCad, you’ll be able to have it six times smaller overall body size than the Nickel Cadium. What you get is an incredibly small battery that can possibly fit easily on your pants pocket.Another alternative in buying a battery is the kind of cell used. For instance, a Lithium Ion Cell can hold up to six times a NiCad Cell can hold with the same size of battery cell. So, having a Lithium Ion battery can make your cordless drill a lot smaller in size which is ideal in doing work in a restricted space.

If you are more comfortable to purchase it on the internet, considering you are unable to actually look at the product, what you can do is do some study about the merchandise. Read some reviews from people who actually acquired and used the item. If you can, try to find more reviews from many websites, sometimes people are biased and tell only the nice things about them and not the bad aspect.