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After a Successful Diet: Cold Laser Therapy Weight Loss

My friend Ginny lost 35 lbs in 12 months. Yes, it was a long struggle for her, but she made it. We are proud of her success because she did the right thing, starting from finding a diet that would help her control her high blood pressure. She went about the right way by talking to her doctor and then both of them came up with an eating plan that focused on vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Was laser weight loss through liposuction the right way to go?

Ginny was able to lose 3 dress sizes with her determined dieting. There were of course ups and downs, but she persevered and when she finally reached her goal, all her friends celebrated with kale and carrot juice drinks! The problem that she wanted to fix now was her tummy or abdomen area. It was still flabby from all the weight and had pockets of fat. I recommended my doctor, a plastic surgeon who worked on my bra bulge a year ago. Cold laser therapy weight loss as a form of laser liposuction was the answer for me.

When he saw Ginny, he determined that she was a good candidate for melting those unwanted fat cells. She had cold laser therapy weight loss done six times in two months and now, her tummy looks firm and fit! Of course she still exercises to keep it tight, but oh, my, what a difference this kind of laser liposuction did to her!