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Managing Waste To Recycle

Thank goodness for recycling places. If it were not for them and the people who do what they do, this world would be such a gloomy place with less optimism for the future. There is a Minneapolis recycling company near us that does it all. I like it when they have electronic waste drop offs and everyone is responsibly recycling their e-waste. The other form of recycling that I see so few of is when people toss their batteries in with normal house waste trash. That is not correct. Batteries no matter if they are hearing aide ones, AAA batteries, or car batteries, these need to be disposed of in a proper way. It would be good for them to do this for it leaves less of an unwanted footprint in our landfills. As if we need more trash to decompose! Trash versus recycling is something that not too many people these days get. It will good when this young generation grows and they will be more aware of what is going on in our world and how we should be behaving when it comes to recycling, trash, and other waste.