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Tips For How To Flirt Over Text With A Girl

Let’s say you text a girl good morning. What does she feels when you do this, perhaps “wow” he must be truly in tome to be texting me this early in the morning. If you do this every morning, she will probably expect it, or she could become sick of it. Most girls like a periodic “Good Morning” text, yet less is better than more. Do not do this every day, she will see you as too needy, and nothing stops attraction like being too desperate.

When texting girls, what are you saying. Are you calling her gorgeous? Are you using the usual lines we hear again and again. If she gets another “Hello Beautiful”, she will probably scream. Women roll their eyes and think, can’t you be different? Is this the very best he can do?

When texting a girl, don’t overdo it. Do not do it every darn day. When you are constantly texting her again she sees you as too needy, desperate and insecure. Girls like guys, enjoy a challenge. Be unpredictable, this puts her on a roller coaster ride of emotional adrenaline. If she never ever knows when or just what to expect from your texts, the attraction level is increased.

When texting girls, be fun, flirty, and a bit vague. Keep her thinking. Make her smile, and be different. Put some effort into what you say and when you say it. If you have an excellent text message in your thoughts that you would like to send, wait, keep it. Simply put, don’t be so fast to push the send button.

Dating is progressing. Text messaging is the biggest tool used to gain and increase attraction. I have seen men turn their dating life around by discovering how to use this tool to their benefit. Knowing the buttons that set off of girls and how you can press them by text messaging could triple your dating success.