Secret recording devices for home and business

Amazon ImageWould you like to know what is going on when you are not there to see or hear for yourself? Or would you just like to record a conversation without the other people knowing you are recording?

Most people would like to be able to do stealthy spy-like surveillance tricks – so don’t feel alone!

Secret recording devices make it easy for you to monitor your home and business in an unobtrusive way. This will help you check on your kids as well as the sitter you are hiring to take care of your children and your home as well. It will also help you check on your employees to ensure that they are doing their job.

Secret recording devices come in different sizes and styles, and can range from audio recorders shaped as pens or mini video cameras encased in stuffed toys, such as in the case of nanny cams. These can be placed anywhere in your home inconspicuously among your other daily household or office items.

Secret recording devices for home

There are a lot of secret recording devices in the market that is targeted for use at home. These can be disguised as ordinary household items or stuffed toys and can be placed in your children’s room or in the living room.

Amazon Image They can also be concealed within the bushes or in the nooks or crevices in your property. These recording devices can help you monitor activities inside and outside your house to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property.

One such example of secret recording devices is the nanny cam which can help you monitor your baby sitter or nanny to ensure that she is taking great care of your baby or toddler. As toddlers are not able to communicate with you verbally, he or she may not be able to report incidences of abuse by the nanny or baby sitter. There have been numerous cases of abuse on toddlers and children by nannies or baby sitters, some of which have resulted to injury or even death. Sadly, some parents don’t realize this until it is too late.

This can be avoided if you invest on a good surveillance camera such as a nanny cam to monitor the activities of the nanny or baby sitter you hired to look after your children.

Secret recording devices for your business

Thefts and anomalies, too, can happen in the workplace. And the sad part is, most are able to get away with the crime unscathed. But with secret recording devices, you can be able to monitor your employees discreetly.

However, please note that there are rules and regulations concerning setting up secret recording devices within the workplace, especially if it already violates the privacy of your employees. Place secret recording devices only where it is necessary, such as near your safe, in stockrooms or within the corporate area.

Secret recording devices, too, can be a good tool for writers and investigative journalists.

Amazon ImageThere are secret recording devices which can come in handy for writers and journalists who are looking for ways to record interviews or covering an expose. These recording devices may be designed to look like an ordinary pen, or may be small enough to be tucked into your sleeves, or your shirt or blazer’s lapels or collar. As some interviewees may feel uncomfortable in the presence of a mini tape recorder or a camera, these mini recording devices can help you record the conversation discreetly and back up your story, if needed.

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